Information On The Different Types Of Bed You Can Buy

So you know what size bed you want to buy. Now you have to choose the construction of the bed itself, together with the mattress. But there are so many different options available, you might find it very difficult to figure out which one will be right for you.

For starters, they can be priced very differently. But it is essential to understand the differences between them, because when you do you will be able to make sense of which one will meet your needs.

Read through all the following examples to see what they mean for you. Then you will have a better understanding of what you are actually thinking of buying when you go shopping for a new bed.

Open coil spring

This type of bed is basically comprised of two things. There is a network of coiled springs that are all joined together and then covered with a fabric outer layer that is what you see on the outside.

As such the construction is quite basic in type. The open coil spring design is quite a simple one and is not really that advanced now, given the huge improvements that have been made in the bed arena.

A Selection of the Best Selling Open Coil Sprung Mattresses

That isn’t to say it isn’t worth buying a bed of this nature however; you simply need to consider the make up of the bed and whether it will meet your needs. The design means it isn’t as stable or as long lasting as many other beds. The cover material can often be quite thin, and as such you may easily feel the springs every time you get into bed at night.

This type of mattress or bed is typically good if you are going to use it for an occasional bed or a guest bed. The open coil spring design can be much cheaper than many other types of bed, so it works well when you are looking for something that will only be needed every now and then.

Generally speaking, a bed with more springs in it will be better than one with less. This is due to the fact that it will support you better. But it should always be comfortable to lie on. Another factor to bear in mind is that because of the design, two people sleeping on an open coil spring mattress may roll together.

Top tip – try using a good quality mattress protector to prolong the life of the mattress, and to make it feel softer than it would otherwise. Mattress protectors are a good idea no matter what type of mattress or bed you opt for.

Pocket spring

A pocket spring mattress is made very differently from an open coil spring mattress. Instead of the springs being open and attached to each other in a frame design, each one is contained within a pocket made from fabric. They are packed together inside the mattress but by and large they will not be joined together.

A Selection of the Best Selling Pocket Sprung Mattresses

If you imagine this you will see that if one spring has a weight put on it, the springs immediately next to it won’t be affected. With an open coil spring mattress, this wouldn’t happen as they would all be pulled down.

That is why pocket spring mattresses are not only more expensive, they are also more comfortable. Always remember that in the world of beds and mattresses, you generally get exactly what you pay for! And obviously, a lot more work and raw materials are put into the design.

It should be said though that every bed and mattress manufacturer has their own unique way of doing things. Some people will only buy mattresses made by certain firms, and will avoid all others if they can.

Memory foam

As you might expect from the name, a memory foam mattress will adjust to the individual who sleeps on it.

When you sleep on a standard mattress your body might bend slightly unnaturally if you lay on your side, for example. But if you sleep in the same position on a memory foam mattress, it will mould to your body shape, making for a more comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

A Selection of the Best Selling Memory Foam Mattresses

As with normal mattresses, memory foam ones differ in their ability to mould to the user. Some may be firmer than others, and while some people swear by them others don’t like using them at all. It is a good idea to test one out before buying, just as you would with any other type of mattress, by visiting a bed store.

Some memory foam mattresses look very different from a standard mattress. On the other hand some of them – usually those at the upper end of the price range – look like any ordinary mattress. They will also have springs inside them to support the foam layer on the very top.


This is just about the newest addition to the world of mattresses that you will find. They are starting to appear more and more in the shops and on various websites, but you won’t find them everywhere you look. It tends to be shops dedicated to beds and nothing else that stock them in the main.

When we talk about a latex mattress, we are literally talking about a lump of latex, to put it mildly. You won’t find any springs in a latex mattress – it is just one whole piece which usually has a series of holes shot through it so as to make it less rigid on the whole.

This means you won’t get that uncomfortable feeling of springs sticking in you when your mattress has seen better days. And in fact, a latex mattress has the potential to vastly outlive any other type of mattress you could choose.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of latex mattress that you can buy. The first type is natural and the second is man-made latex. While both might seem to be pretty much the same thing, the natural version does have some distinct advantages.

Firstly it is able to fend off infestation by dust mites – meaning that if you have allergies this is possibly the best mattress you could ever hope to sleep on. Next, it is also very long lasting – you won’t end up with those uncomfortable dents in your mattress once you have been sleeping on it for any length of time. It will always bounce back to greet you again the next night!

Latex mattresses and divan sets are likely to be more expensive than your standard sets. But you might be surprised to learn that there often isn’t a lot in it as far as price is concerned. If you can try one out in a shop which sells these mattresses – even if you end up buying online – you are strongly advised to do so to see what you think.

Mattress toppers

These are also available to enhance the feel of a standard mattress of any kind. Traditionally the mattress topper is made from memory foam, and is a quick and easy alternative to buying a brand new memory foam mattress.

It sits directly on top of your standard mattress and you simply fit your bottom sheet over the whole lot. It is an ideal thing to consider if you want to try memory foam to see if you like it, before investing in a proper memory foam mattress.

However the life span of a mattress topper doesn’t tend to be as long as a proper mattress, purely because of the much thinner nature and design of it. It can be a good bet if your existing mattress has seen better days and you cannot afford to replace it just yet though.

How firm do you want your bed to be?

Firmness is a topic that is very important when it comes to buying a new bed. Some people love a soft mattress that comforts them as they lie down on it. But for others nothing feels better than a rock solid and very firm mattress.

When you go shopping for a new mattress you will usually see options such as ‘firm’, ‘medium firm’, and ‘orthopaedic’. These can be somewhat confusing at times, as there is no real standard set by which you can compare them.

This is why it is often advised that you try them out first, by lying down on them and seeing how they feel to you. Orthopaedic mattresses are generally very good options if you have a bad back, or you are constantly uncomfortable in bed. Other than that it is a question of giving them a try to see which one your partner and you prefer.

Other points to bear in mind when deciding on the type of bed you want

Perhaps an adjustable bed is on the cards for you and your partner? If it is, consider whether it is worth spending more to get a double bed with two separate single mattresses on it.

Adjustable beds are available with either one complete mattress that is adjustable, or two singles that can be adjusted independently of each other. It depends on the bed and the manufacturer of course, but the latter example can sometimes be more expensive. It does give you more options though, as you can both sleep in the exact positions you want to, with no problems at all.

Another point to think about is how high off the floor the bed will be. While most beds are around the same height off the floor, they do vary. That is why it pays to sit on one when it is made up, to see whether it appeals to you or not. This is particularly important if you have problems sitting down or getting up out of bed in the mornings, perhaps due to an injury of some kind.

Budget vs quality

As you can probably tell, some mattresses and beds are of better quality than others. While you might be able to buy a double mattress for under a hundred pounds, you should ask yourself how good it will be and how long it is likely to last for that kind of money.

That’s not to say the most expensive option will be the best one by default, but it is true to say that you should buy the best quality mattress you possibly can. The extra money spent will be worth it when it results in better sleep every night.

Think about the quality of the bed you are currently sleeping in. You want to get at least the same again and preferably better if you can. Shop around to get the best deals – you can often save a lot of money by going online. Another good idea is to try out what you like the look of in a store, and then buy online to get the cheaper prices.

In conclusion

As you can see, there is no such thing as a standard bed or mattress. It’s quite eye opening to see just how many different types and styles there are.

But they all have one thing in common and that is the desire to give you the best night’s sleep you have ever had. We all have different opinions on what the best mattresses and the best beds are. Some people like divans with soft mattresses on top, while others are perfectly at home in a bedstead with a firm mattress and a memory foam topper on top.

But no matter what you personally are happy to sleep in, this guide will hopefully have answered some of the questions you may have had about the different types of mattresses and beds that are for sale nowadays.

So whether you opt for a foam topper, a latex mattress, or something simple and cheerful for occasional use, enjoy it and make sure you get a great night’s sleep!